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What Products Can Refrigerated Vans Carry?

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Refrigerated van transportation is a process of transporting products that demand different temperature-controlled vehicles. Refrigerated transportation (or reefer cargo) is a strategy for delivery of cargo that requires unique, temperature-controlled vehicles. The vehicle moving the items being dispatched has an integrated refrigeration system that keeps items at an ideal temperature all throughout the transportation cycle.

The refrigerated van service has become a basic necessity of the businesses that deal in deliveries and hence have gained massive popularity. And, the demand for this refrigerated van service is growing with each passing day.

Refrigerated van transportation is more ideal for organizations that are small or for temporary use while shipping anything from perishable products to pharmaceuticals or even flowers. If you discover that your requirements for refrigerated van transportation are turning out to be more common then at this point, having a refrigerated van for your business might be exactly the thing you are searching for.

Refrigerated vans satisfy the requirements of securely delivering the products and giving you full control of your transportation needs with respect to temperature control, care of products, timing, and flexible scheduling. You will, at last, have full control of the delivery of your goods.

Industries That Require Refrigerated Vans or Chiller Van

Refrigerated van service can carry numerous products from fish, poultry, meat, flowers, medicines, vaccines, meals, fruits, to anything that requires a temperature controlled vehicle. There are a number of industries that have utilized chiller van services to ensure the fresh and safe delivery of their goods and items. Some of the industries that are using refrigerated vans in order to ship their products include:


The pharmaceutical industry is one such sector that is utilizing refrigerated van services on a very large scale. Especially in the times of Covid-19 when the vaccines have become one of the most important products all over the world. The pharmaceutical industries use refrigerated vans to deliver vaccines and medicinal products.


The business of florists also uses refrigerated vans, as flowers are also in the list of products that require refrigerated van transportation. Keeping the flowers at an ideal temperature assists the florists with keeping up newness and prevents the flowers from wilting. A refrigerated van can help keep the flowers alive so that they arrive at their destination safely.


Butchers are another industry that profit by getting refrigerated vans for their business. The major reason behind this is to deliver their products to markets. As Butchers do not do this the entire week, having a refrigerated van would be a extremely useful for the businesses that are small ventures which are running on thin profit margins.

Redlink Cargo for Refrigerated Van

Redlink cargo is one of the most reliable refrigerated transportation companies in the UAE. They provide refrigerated van service in Dubai. They have quality refrigerated vans available for rent. The facility allows you to have access to refrigerated vans without worrying about affordability. They are a reliable source to get your refrigerated vans in Dubai.


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