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Why Should You Consider a Chiller Van Company in Dubai?

Many industries in the UAE rely on refrigerated transport (such as chiller vans) to ensure the safety and integrity of their product. Refrigerated transport not only ensures product freshness but also inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria. Better government regulation and customer understanding of the role that chiller vans can play in cold chain management has led to significant, healthy growth of this industry sector in the UAE.

Consider our refrigerated transport for your goods in the following cases:

Product longevity

Some products, especially flowers, chocolate and confectionary deteriorate at higher temperatures. In the UAE, ambient temperature transport can reach up to 70 degrees C in the back of an enclosed space. Chiller vans and refrigerated transport in general, manages the temperature so the goods are transported in the optimal range. It is important to choose a company that not only regularly services their vehicles but also the refrigeration units. Ask for service records and calibration certificates if in doubt. Addiotionally, some companies (such as Redlink Cargo) give you the option of monitoring the temperature of the refrigerated compartment live or in the form of reports following the trip. This gives you the peace of mind that your goods are being handled with care.

Certified and Standard Compliance Installed

Regulations affecting refrigerated transport, especially of foodstuff, have been greatly enhanced in the UAE over the last few years. As such, it is important that your provider holds the appropriate license activities as well as food transport permits as issued by the various emirates. Ask for these from your supplier if in doubt. Additionally, drivers should have passed at least basic food handling certification with a Foodwatch approved training instution.

Protect your Valuable from bacteria

It is well known that reduced temperature inhibits the growth of bacteria. At the same time though, chiller van suppliers should provide clean vehicles with appropriate, waterproof, food-safe flooring to prevent the vehicle itself from becoming a source of contamination for your goods. Feel free to ask for vehicle details and carry out an inspection yourself before renting the vehicle.

Versatile load capacity

Of the refrigerated vehicles, chiller vans are probably the most versatile format. It is large enough to accommodate enough product to cut down on per-unit transport cost while at the same time being cost efficient and simple to run and operate. If more space is required, the chiller van also comes in a high-roof format, which is slightly higher (1.35m inside height vs 1.08m) and longer (3.07m inside length vs 2.42m) than the standard roof format.

Available for daily rental or longer term

Some time your business might not yet warrant full time use of a chiller van. In some cases you might have your own fleet but are experiencing unusually high demand – or an unexpected vehicle breakdown has left you without refrigerated transport. Reliable, affordable daily rentals of chiller vans could be your best option.

Our services are available on short notice, short term contract and you can be confident in high quality vehicles, refrigeration units, drivers and operating procedures – supported by a highly experienced and committed management team who understands that in refrigerated transport, goods are not simply being moved from point A to B.

At Redlink Cargo we understand that we are not only representing our own brand, but yours as well. We are available 24/7 for your queries and emergency deliveries. Email, call or Whatsapp us your questions or requirement and we will do our best to help.

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