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Chiller Van

Chiller Vans for Rent

Van Rental service for Dubai and Abu Dhabi

In the UAE, refrigerated vans, more commonly known as chiller vans or freezer vans, are by far the most popular choice for delivery of refrigerated goods - chiller van rentals is almost a transport segment on its own. In turn, the Toyota Hiace is the most sought after vehicle and like most other manufacturers, offer their vehicles in two configurations: standard roof chillers and high roof chillers.

Chiller Dimensions

Depending on the fabricator (whoever insulted the cargo compartment and fitted the refrigeration unit), the inside dimensions of a standard roof chiller are about 2.42 m in length, 1.62m in width and 1.08m in height. The inside dimensions of a high roof chiller on the other hand would be around 3.07m in length, the same width at 1.62m and a height of 1.35m. Please keep in mind that high-roof chillers are often unable to enter underground parking areas.

Freezer Vans

In terms of dimensions, freezer vans have less capacity as significantly more insulation is needed. It still offers ample space though and where chiller vans operate in either the 0 to 5 degree or 5 to 10 degree ranges, freezer vans go down to -15 to -17 degrees C. Freezer vans are ideal for the transport of frozen goods such as ice-cream, frozen meat or frozen food.

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Hire Recent, Advanced, or Updated Models 

The vans to ensure that it has all the features and functions and stay in a top condition.

Redlink’s Philosophy

Where there is abundant demand, there is usually abundant supply and this has led to a very competitive business environment for chiller vans. Many companies operate on an informal basis with low operational management and  addressing vehicle and refrigeration reliability only when there is a breakdown. Although Redlink Cargo’s business model accommodates competitive pricing, we also believe that pricing can not be our only selling proposition. As a result, we offer the additional benefits of:

  • A professional team with years of experience in the industry.

  • We only use recently purchased vehicles, owned by ourselves and maintained by the manufacturer (of both the vehicle and the refrigeration unit).

  • GPS tracking and temperature monitoring equipment so you can check on your cargo at any point.

  • Our chiller vans have driver monitoring systems incorporated so you are sure that your goods are being handled with care.

  • Extensive reporting is available so you can evaluate completed trips.

  • Our vehicles hold the appropriate food transport permits for the emirates they operate in.

  • Most of our chiller vans have a versatile 1.5-ton capacity

  • All our chiller vans operate in the 0 to 5 degree minimum range – any temperature above this, up to ambient is possible but vehicles operating in the 5 to 10 degree range can not go below 5.

  • Through route optimization software, we ensure timely delivery in multiple stop routes.

  • We have a well-drafted process to ensure smooth delivery and quick reaction.


To find out more or discuss your unique requirements, please contact us on our webform, send us a Whatsapp or give us a call.

If you are looking for a chiller van rental in Dubai and Abu dhabi, you may find a number of them available conveniently nearby you but not every chiller van service qualifies for quality and graded services. If you are in search of reliable, quick delivery and quality service of chiller van in Dubai Redlink Cargo is available to serve you with their best. At Redlink Cargo you can get chiller vans for rent at amazing price rates for the value of money quality and service.


Chiller Van Rental Service For Your Goods

Chiller vans are also known as the freezer vans are known best for delivery of large quantity products. You can transport the chilled food orders, biopharma products, or similar different industrial items and contents that need a freezing temperature while the delivery as well using the chiller van services. Redlink Cargo’s chiller vans are widely used as the best chiller vans in Dubai. We are a team of experienced and professionals that are serving the market for a long time. Therefore, we can assure you of the standard and worthy delivery and service. Our staff is trained and equipped with maximum information that makes them competent to handle and address your requirements. We ensure the smooth processing of the workflow.

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Hire Recent, Advanced, or Updated Models 

The vans to ensure that it has all the features and functions and stay in a top condition.

Different Types of Chiller Vans

One of the major highlights of supply chain logistics is the need of ensuring the delivery of the goods cool and fresh. Therefore, the invention of chiller vans came into existence diminishing the issues that a few industries might have suffered from due to goods that are inseparable from the freezers. If you are looking for a chiller van service you can approach Redlink Cargo, they deal in chiller van services providing the chiller vans for rent. These chiller vans come with the fitted temperature monitoring equipment that helps in tracking and alerting instantly if any deviation is noticed. Some other types of chiller vans include:

  • Chiller Conversion Van
    Chiller conversion vans are basically insulation vans with a component of refrigeration attached. Some of the companies or industries that use chiller conversion vans include those delivering non-frozen beverages and florists.

  • Full-Freezer Van
    These are similar to semi-freezer vans with the only difference that is they have thicker heat resistant doors and walls in order to keep the compartment cooler.

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