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Private Transport Services in Dubai

We are a team of private transport services providers based in Dubai and are regarded as one of the most reliable private chiller transport services particularly refrigerated trucks and chiller vans at affordable prices. Be it is hiring for business purpose, your daily operations, we suggest and provide you the transport which would be the most suitable one. We are the services where you can find a one-stop solution for your commercial use.

Redlink Cargo is an old and well-known refrigerated private transport in Dubai that has experienced staff from owner to management. We are passionate about work and ensure our quality by planning a perfect schedule for transportation, monitoring, and reporting. We don’t compromise on the quality of our services, we work hard and fulfill all the requirements to deliver the customers good in the same condition they provided.

Our transport services help the customer to deliver their product with the same freshness that it has from the beginning by providing the product optimum or required temperature in a vehicle to transfer.

Redlink Cargo is currently dealing in 4 main transport services which include:

· Refrigerated trucks

· Refrigerated vans

· Chiller trucks

· Chiller vans

Trusted Transport Service Provider in Dubai

We are the topmost trusted services considered in Dubai. You can find a chiller truck or refrigerated van in your area but the best remains only one. Redlink cargo gives you all the essentials and quality with the best-furnished Chiller Vans and Trucks. We care for the customer’s product like ours to remain fresh and new. That is why we have all the time up-to-date vans and trucks and maintained too. So, our customers can ensure quality and timely delivery of your goods.

Rent your Refrigerated or Chiller Van Now

Rent a refrigerated truck or chiller van for your frozen items through Redlink and get your quote and schedule now. We have different plans and policies depend upon the type of item that needs to be taken in the vans and trucks. So, our staff would set the temperature accordingly.

We have an excellent cooler installed in the vans and delivers everywhere in Dubai. Moreover, we consider customer's demands, to provide them with satisfaction and have all the certifications required by the food companies required to take the goods to another place.

You can get our services for a day, week and month. Tell your query to us via email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We plan and execute and ensure all the things are spot on with the consent of the customer and keep taking their feedback to provide them with better assistance.

In short, you can get a commercial use transport anywhere from the surrounding but they have no comparison with Redlink. We are the pioneer of providing chiller and refrigerated vans and trucks throughout Dubai. Get in touch today and have the best service provider in the market for your frozen items or items that should be remained fresh until it reaches its destination.

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